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English conversation class

I has been taken a English class except college. There are a teacher, Mr. Earl from US and students. They are older than me.  I am the youngest in the member. At first, I could not hear teacher's English, I was very nervous. His English is very fast. He do not speak almost Japanese. I study English in college, but I was not good at communicating with English. I was said that I am nervous to the teacher until these days. But the teacher is very interesting. He has the humor. He often speaks joke. I go there for about 1 year, I was used to hear and speak English a little. I am going to go Canada after three next. So I want to improve to communicate with English.
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BR2-18: My Fair Lady

"Why can't women be like us?"
Eliza is a flower girl. One night, she was pointed out an accent to Dr. Higgins, Her life changed .And she lived in a doctoral house. But you could press for asceticism more painful than the former various trouble. she is made to record the same word many times. The Pickering captain who he lives together in a doctoral house is kind and gentle.

After 4 months, Eliza debuted to society as a good-looking lady. It is Ascot race track. Eliza's beauty excels, and even famous playboy ,Freddie begun to follow her . Doctor and Pickering are terribly anxious who watch her negatively. If her character comes out, it would be banished from society by aristocrat crimes of insult. She was noticed no one and she was doing well. But just before horse goal,   she revealed her true character in excitement. But that was also finished by charm. It was a perfect lady by a party of the embassy. It was success. Eliza was surprised to hear on talk of a doctor and Pickering, got angry the evening.

She was only a doctoral laboratory table. She ran away from a house unconsciously. The doctor felt loneliness in Eliza's absence and was conscious of the heart which loves her. He was worried while asking voice with a lot of accents of recorder quietly. Suddenly, the recorder stopped. Eliza has tears in her eyes and stood up.
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My Fair Lady .Lerner Alan Jay. 1998. Pearson Education Limited


"I'm so happy you are my dad."

A middle-aged man are in New York,unemployed at present . His wife who divorced remarried with Don, and a son of a Rally took to a Don completely.
Larry who introduced work by natural history museum at a vocational service place is employed in a night guard. He heard the story from three people that because a visitor in a museum decreased, they were dismissed and a new people was employed.
Larry begun to patrol at late at night 12:00 ,
He watched Tyrannosaurus drink water in self filling bow of hall, he was amazed.

Even the primitive man exhibited in the museum, an animal, a moai image and a miniature doll as well as moved around selfishly, was communicating. A showpiece inside the museum tells that a wax doll of 26th generation President of the United States of America and Roosevelt get the life at night.
He rushed, called senior watchmen and asked help, but a superior doesn't help to be saying that SA is also natural.
It was scattered by a drunken bash of showpieces and was extraordinary in the museum which ended one night, He was dressed by a director and McPhee down.
Inevitably, He was explained  about a showpiece from female museum , studied history and met night on the 2nd on the next day.

I has watched by the movie. The exhibits move in the movie. An example, it is a dinosaur, doll. I was interesting. It is good the establishment that is night museum. And it is the story of parent and children. He is bad for son before works at museum, but he became a hero of son after.
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NIGHT MUSEUM. Goldman Leslie. 2008. scholasticeltreaders

BR 2-16: Becoming Jane

"We always forgive him for everything"

A dream of Jane born in a house of a poor minister in the country becomes a novelist. But a mother advances a marriage proposal with nephew Mr. Wisley of a local man in order to make my daughter live comfortably. Bur Jane doesn't accept a proposal from Mr. Wisley,a strange eye is pointed, but Jane is thinking not to want. At such time, Jane meets Tom Lefroy visited as a visitor in cousin's house. He is bad mouth and attitude, she was amazed first. But she attracted him who protect poor emigrant, have a fight. Tom has also fallen in love in a little strange Jane. Two people go to London they dream of marriage,to meet an uncle of Tom, the letter was sent by which Jane is slandered from someone going to part two people reaches at the uncle.

Jane disappointed in Tom which doesn't try to fight against my uncle and choose Jane returned to the country and accepted a marriage proposal with Mr. Wisley. But Tom will go back Jane in the country later, and they ride in a carriage and start a trip to elope. But Jane which has read a letter from the mother know that make a living by spending money of Tom which gets from my uncle. If I elope just, family of Tom considered... , she part from him, she went back alone. Jane break off marriage with Mr. Wisley, she put her heart and soul in to write novel. And the time passes , she met him in reading aloud meeting that commemorate to publish the book. Jane met him again with sad and painful feeling because he has married, had children. But she know that Tom named "Jane" to his daughter , she was recovering from the trauma.
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Becoming Jane. Williams Sarah and Hood Kevin.2008. Penguinreaders

BR 2-15: Martin Luther King

"I've seen the promised the Land"

 Martin Luther King is clergyman of US. He acted as a leader of African-American Civil Rights Movement. He made a famous speech. It is "I have a dream”. He won Nobel peace prize in 1964. When telling history of American discrimination, he is one of an important person.
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Martin Luther King. Degnan-Veness Coleen. 2003. Pearson Educated Limited

BR 2-13 : Jane Eyre

"I'm so happy to be with you again"

Jane Eyre was left an orphan , she was grew up to be discriminated from Lead wife and her children in angers and sorrows. She was made to send boarding school at 9 ages , She met a kind Temple teacher and Helen Burns there. She had been respected , but she died in tuberculosis.

 After, She employed as a tutor in Sone field house.  She experienced love with the head , She was proposed marriage to him. But existence of his wife found out in the day of a marriage ceremony. Bigamy is banned in Christianity. So She left Sewnfield.

She left homeless and destitute, but she was saved  by a clergyman and his sister. She spent there for a years. She proposed and come to India together. But he did not have love feeling to her,  she had been knew.She was worried, but she did not received his propose. She visited Rochester because he lost his wife, sight and an arm. They got married.
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Jane Eyre. Bronte Charlotte.1991.Pearson Education Limited


"You are a great pirate"

"DEAD MAN'S CHEST"is the second film in PIRATES of CARIBBEAN. It is American movie, it is famous in Japan.

 After the three years ago from last film, Will and Elizabeth had been with the marriage celebration close at hand. But they were arrested because they had been helped pirate Jack sparrow. Will was commanded to robe Jack's compass by Beckett Lord.  Will demanded it to him. Jack tells to help looking for the key instead of handing a compass.A heart of Davy Jones is in the box which opens by the key Jack searches. Davy Jones puts on the key. Noriton was also employed as No. Pearl Black's sailor.

 Jack , Noriton and Deibi scrambed to get the heart. Noriton took away it, but it has fallen into hands of East Indies trading firm. And No. Pearl Black sank with Jack.

I have watched by the movie. It is very fun. Jack's character is very good. I do not know that Jack and Will is which enemy or friend. They helped each other in the story , but Jack was neatly taken in by the trick. But I think that Jack must come back alive.
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